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Trimesterly Newsletter – April 2016

Welcome to Edition Six

Autumn is upon us and we are well in to 2016. It has been a challenging start to the year for us at Hobart OBGYN with the unexpected retirement of Dr James Brodribb. We are very appreciative to all of our staff, patients and to our colleagues for your support at this time. We are continuing to provide care for all of Dr Brodribb’s patients by the other specialists in our practice and hope we have minimised the disruption for you and your patients. We appreciate all the referrals you have changed and continue to change! If there are any concerns during this transition time please feel free to contact us.

Thank you to Dr James Brodribb
With 40 years of service to the women of Hobart through the Royal Hobart Hospital and as a private Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Brodribb has been involved in the lives of thousands of local families. He is a dedicated and competent professional, who is respected for his integrity, compassion and efficiency. His medical knowledge and ability to recall information are admired and his level-headed approach to situations is well appreciated.

We are also very thankful for the Hobart OBGYN structure he was instrumental in establishing. It was one of the first group obstetric practices in the country and has stood the test of time, managing to meet the needs of our patients with a safe, supported and balanced life for our obstetricians.

He has made a significant and positive impact on his patients and colleagues and is sadly missed.

Electronic Letters
Hopefully by now most practices are receiving correspondence from Hobart OBGYN electronically through Healthlink. This has allowed us to increase our efficiency and greatly reduce the length of time […]

Trimesterly Newsletter – October 2015

Welcome to Edition Five

Spring is here with the promise of warmer weather. School holidays are upon us again, and hopefully the end of the tsunami of viral infections that have characterised this winter.

At Hobart OBGYN we are proud to provide private obstetric care for both high and low risk pregnancies by a group of experienced obstetricians.We have the support of a dedicated team of midwives, high quality point-of-care ultrasound and a friendly administrative team, and provide our services at a reasonable cost. Our rooms are happy to provide nancial estimates of any out-of-pocket costs, including estimates for women who wish to deliver uninsured in a private hospital.

Vaccinations in Pregnancy
As you may be aware,the recommendation for PertussisVaccination in pregnancy changed earlier this year. Due to increasing evidence of the effectiveness and safety of the dTpa vaccination during pregnancy, it is now recommended as a single dose during the third trimester of each pregnancy. The optimal time is early in the third trimester between 28 and 32 weeks.This is regardless of the timing of the last immunisation. Transplacental transfer of pertussis antibodies from the vaccinated women to the foetus gives passive immunity to the newborn more effectively than postpartum immunisation. Antibody levels peak two weeks after immunisation and the most effective placental antibody transfer is from 30 weeks. Family members do not need to be re-immunised with each pregnancy if they are already up to date.

New: We are very pleased to be able to offer a vaccination service to our antenatal patients.We are now able to provide in our rooms the In uenza and Pertussis vaccinations suggested by the National Immunisation Program for all pregnant women, through the Immunise Australia Program.We have found that being able […]

Trimesterly Newsletter – April 2015

Welcome to Edition Four

2015 is well under way and we look forward to continuing to provide you and your patients with affordable obstetric and gynaecological care.

We continue to be able to provide timely access to consultations and please remember we are able to provide phone advice as required. If you would like your patients seen urgently please contact our rooms by phone, fax or email.

Iodine Supplementation in pregnancy
Iodine is required for the production of the thyroid hormones,T3 and T4.Thyroid hormones are required to promote brain and nervous system development starting from the first few weeks of embryonic life. Maternal thyroid hormone levels dictate thyroid levels for the first trimester. After the first trimester the fetal thyroid takes over, but still requires the transfer of iodine to make thyroid hormones.The concern with iodine deficiency in pregnancy is a negative impact on the nervous system development in the unborn child.

The World Health Organisation has declared Australia to be a mildly iodine deficient country (Tasmania has a history of iodine deficiency) and programs like fortification of bread with iodised salt have been implemented.

However, thyroid hormone production increases by 50% in pregnancy so to support this increased iodine requirement, the 2010 NHMRC guideline recommends pregnant and breastfeeding women take a daily iodine supplement of 150mcg. Note that the recommended dietary intake is 220 mcg for pregnant women and 270mcg of iodine for breastfeeding women so some iodine is still required from dietary sources. The best sources of iodine are fortified bread, dairy and seafood. Small amounts of iodine are stored in the thyroid gland and the excess intake is excreted.

Optimising maternal thyroid function is most important pre-conceptionally especially in high risk women, and advising all women considering pregnancy […]

Hobart OBGYN Welcomes Dr Stephen Bradford

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Stephen Bradford to our team.

Dr Bradford is a new RANZCOG fellow, completing his final year in 2013 with the Gynaecological Oncology Team at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Stephen has also completed a Masters in Reproductive Medicine.
His interests include caring for high-risk obstetric patients, reproductive endocrinology including infertility, menopause and contraception, and advanced laparoscopic surgery including laparoscopic hysterectomies and endometriosis treatment.
Stephen will also be working with Tas IVF allowing him to provide complete fertility care – from achieving pregnancy to the postpartum period. He has a VMO appointment at Calvary Hospitals, Hobart Private Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital.
Stephen and his wife and three daughters have moved from Brisbane and have made a long-term commitment to Hobart. He is a keen sailor.

He is taking bookings now. He welcomes all new referrals.

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We’re excited to share our new look website and are keen to receive feedback on what information you would like added to support your needs.

You can email us at for any suggestions you may have.

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