Welcoming a baby into a family is an exciting and important time. At Hobart OBGYN we offer an innovative model of Private Obstetric care. We are a group practice that started in 1990 and now have five obstetricians who work together to provide safe and flexible pregnancy care. Along side us is a group of six midwives who specialise in antenatal care. We were one of the first group obstetric practices to start in Australia, and are still unique to Tasmania.

Each woman has a primary Obstetrician of her choice who she sees for her antenatal visits and is able to develop a relationship with during her pregnancy.

No one Obstetrician is able to safely provide care every day of the year. In our practice weekends and public holidays are shared between us by an organised roster system to balance the need for continuity of care and a high standard of obstetric care with the need for all doctors to have a break. Management of labour and emergencies is the responsibility of the rostered Obstetrician on call.

Because we have a trusting professional relationship, based on similar clinical practices, standards and values, we know that you will be looked after well if your primary obstetrician is away. This allows us time with our families and time for professional development. We believe rested, well educated obstetricians who have time to further their skills and refresh their batteries, make for better obstetricians.

Due to our collaborative nature, there is always an Obstetrician from our practice available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have a shared medical record system so you can be assured that the obstetrician looking after you has access to your pregnancy records. We also have varied clinical experience and interests so you can be assured that if a rare or difficult situation arises this expertise will be pooled to look after you and your baby.

We believe that we provide a cohesive, high quality and safe system for our patients and for ourselves. We provide care to obstetric patients at both Calvary Hospital and Hobart Private Hospital, and care for women who require the neonatal services of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Hobart OBGYN – Premium Affordable Pregnancy Care

1. Each antenatal visit you will be seen by a midwife and your obstetrician

2. Access to advise from one of our practice midwives, as well as 24 hour emergency care from your obstetrician

3. See your baby each visit with routine ultrasounds for safety and bonding

4. The opportunity to be involved with the Calvary Midwifery Antenatal Care program or the Hobart Private Hospital KYM Scheme

5. Full range of in-house diagnostic services

6. We are a Group Obstetric Practice providing safe continuity of care and the combined clinical expertise of five obstetricians

7. An obstetrician present at every birth