Meet the Team

Aleksandra Olekalns


Ally is a psychologist with a keen interest in health psychology, focusing on managing the impact of persistent pain and chronic disease on people’s mental health and wellbeing. She also works with women through the perinatal period, to manage and prevent mental health conditions including perinatal depression and anxiety, and adjustment disorder.

She has experience working with adolescents and adults who present with a range of persistent pain conditions and chronic diseases, to explore and manage the psychological pathways that shape people’s experiences and coping. Additionally, she has experience working with people to manage life transitions, stress, depression and anxiety using a range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT and mindfulness.

Ally is a calm, warm and open psychologist, who enjoys working with clients collaboratively and reflectively. She enjoys working as part of the multidisciplinary team at HobartOBGYN, where she is constantly learning and drawing on the expertise of others around her to enhance care.

Outside of work, Ally loves spending time with friends and family, swimming and snorkeling, immersing herself in nature, reading and playing the flute.