Meet the Team


Clinical Psychologist

Dr Philippa Cannan is a clinical psychologist who works with both adolescents and adults. Having worked for 10 years on the Department of Psychiatry at the Royal Hobart Hospital Philippa is both comfortable and competent in working with individuals who present with major mental illnesses such as borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, pain disorders, depression and anxiety using a range of therapies including CBT, ACT and DBT.

In addition to completing her undergraduate psychology studies and a Doctorate, Philippa has recently completed a Master of Youth Mental Health via the University of Melbourne. Philippa has a keen interest in working with adolescents with emerging mental health conditions, in additional to perinatal mental health conditions in order to lessen the impact these conditions can have on social, occupational and educational functioning. 

At Hobart OBGYN Philippa primarily works with women with perinatal mental health conditions such as perinatal depression and anxiety, attachment issues and infertility. This also includes couples-based work in the perinatal period as well as postnatal depression in men. Philippa also works with women experiencing persistent pelvic pain including vaginismus and vulvodynia.

To further her knowledge and remain up to date with the latest research and treatments in persistent pain Philippa was recently awarded a scholarship to undertake further postgraduate training in pain science with the University of South Australia. Having worked in multidisciplinary teams in public hospitals over the past 10 years Philippa has a keen interest in providing multi-disciplinary. At Hobart OBGYN Philippa works closely with our physiotherapists and doctors to ensure holistic care, hence better patient outcomes.