We offer an innovative model of Private Obstetric care. We work alongside midwives who are greatly experienced in antenatal care to ensure you receive safe and flexible pregnancy care.


A comprehensive range of women’s health care services. We offer guidance and treatment for a variety of conditions, and undertake various procedures in the comfort and safety of our practice rooms.

Our Team

Hobart OBGYN is home to Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, an Endocrinologist, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists, a Clinical Psychologist, a Psychologist and a Dietitian all with a focus on Women’s Health

Dr Stephen Bradford

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Peter Reynolds

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Naomi Saunder

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Mel Nardi

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist