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We understand that planning for the potential costs of your health care is important.

Hobart OBGYN has a policy of informed financial consent. This means that anticipated costs will be available and given to you prior to your first consultation. Sometimes, during the course of a consultation the need arises for extra procedures and in this case you may incur extra expenses that were not quoted as part of a standard visit.

We are not a bulk-billing practice and most of our fees are at a higher rate than the scheduled Medicare fee which reflects the true cost of providing medical care. If you think you will have difficulty with your account, it is important that you discuss this issue with your doctor. Where necessary, alternative arrangements can be made for payment. Please note, if you are registered with Medicare, our practice can help by submitting your Medicare claim at the time of consultation and the Medicare rebate can be refunded to your bank account on the same day as your consultation.

This practice has a preferred policy of payment at time of consultation. Full credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available to make this a convenient option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are you a No-Gap?

Hobart OBGYN is a No-Gap practice. This means that for the majority of health funds, and the majority of surgical procedures, our bill goes straight to your health fund and you are not charged a gap. This includes all in-hospital care for pregnancy.

You may have a gap from other people involved in your hospital care such as the anaesthetist, for pathology or radiology services, a paediatrician or the assistant surgeon. Sometimes we refer to other specialists for pregnancy related complications – this may include an endocrinologist, physician, surgeon or neonatologist.

Quotes for estimated out-of-pocket expenses will be provided for all of our surgical services. You will be notified if your health fund is one of the funds that are not covered by our No-Gap scheme. If you have any concerns about your potential out-of-pocket costs please ask one of our staff.

Please check with your health fund to ensure you are fully covered for obstetric or gynaecological services in a private hospital.

What if I don’t come to an appointment?

It is important for you to take the time to cancel or change appointments you are unable to keep. The practice retains the right to charge a fee for non-attendance at a booked appointment, currently set at $50.00 and not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

What if I don’t pay my account?

The practice actively pursues overdue accounts. Accounts overdue between 30 and 60 days will be actively pursued and an explanation sought for non-payment. Regrettably, accounts overdue for longer than 60 days will be placed in the hands of the Tasmanian Collection Service. Whilst a patient has an account overdue outside the normal trading terms, Hobart OBGYN will not accept a new appointment for that person.

What is the Antenatal Surcharge?

A Planning and Management of Pregnancy Fee is included in the Medicare schedule for a pregnancy that has progressed beyond 28 weeks. This Antenatal Surcharge is an out of pocket amount for providing care throughout the whole pregnancy by a specialist obstetrician and reflects the true costs of providing private obstetric care. This includes, but is not limited to, 24 hour availability of expert advice and care every day of the year, providing access to midwifery support during pregnancy, providing access to up-to-date and fully accredited ultrasound facilities, and the cost of medical indemnity. After this there are no more out of pocket fees from the primary obstetrician apart from your usual antenatal visits.

What if I don’t have Private Insurance?

Self-funded and overseas insured patients are very welcome. Our practice will give you a quote for estimated out-of-pocket expenses and liaise with the private hospital of your choice and anaesthetist for estimated costs. We may request that your account be settled prior to your surgical procedure or the delivery of your baby.

If you have any questions related to fees, please contact our reception on 03 6228 3331.